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Software Testing is the validation and verification of a predefined set of rules, conditions, criteria or attributes.

The Software Testing for Quality Assurance training is the methods and procedures that the QA Testing Department would use while they are engaged in the Integration, System and User Acceptance Testing Phases of an IT Project. They will learn the concepts and formal techniques to facilitate testing during the Integration and System Test Phases for IT initiatives. Our Software Testing course mainly focuses on:

  • How to be an effective tester and what to look for when testing
  • Inspection process and quality checking requirements documents
  • Automated Tools ? Load Runner
  • How to write an effective Integration and System Test Approach
  • How to use the Requirements and System Specifications Documents and Build Plan inputs for creating the test design deliverables
  • Practice in identifying and writing Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Test Conditions for Integration and System Testing
  • How to perform Test Execution and Usability Testing

List of Courses

How to be A Test Analyst

This course is necessary for all those who want to pursue and enhance their career in Software Testing. It is designed to give an introduction to what testing is, how to test and why testing is important. This course covers a broad range of testing topics from creating single test conditions from requirements through to reporting on tests executed. Different System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) models are explained, together with the role of testing and testers within each model. Participants will also learn about the different stages and styles of testing.

Test Automation

SoftLabs will help the clients to apply best practice and implement tools effectively to create robust applications and products in which they are developed. Our team designs regression test suites for the set of functional test cases and execute them with the help of well defined automation framework. We have a separate test labs for Automated Services which caters to the specific needs for your applications and products in various domains. SoftLabs is a comprehensive solution provider, specialized in Automation Services across various domains. Our highly qualified and experienced team of professionals has a mission of bringing in automation to your business in building high quality testing harnesses and frameworks, provides you with an expert partner to make your project a success.

Embedded Testing

Advances in Technology have taken place at such a speed that these fictitious scenarios are likely to be translated into reality very soon.

Real Time Operating System (RTOS) and embedded system are the major technologies that will play a major role in future product market.

SoftLabs provides end-to-end testing services for embedded software & hardware across various gadgets/devices, Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), development platforms, and programming languages.

While offering the test consulting services for system testing, we have built experienced teams to offer black box test execution. With experienced teams for test automation, SoftLabs offer test framework integration and test case automation for the product regression testing.

Our Embedded testing service does include:

  • System Level Testing
  • Application Testing
  • Middleware Testing
  • BSP & Driver testing
  • Embedded Hardware Design Testing

ERP Testing

ERP applications will always need to run on different platforms, configurations and different environments. SoftLabs has standardized and well established testing process which will help the client to deliver stable ERP product. The ERP Testing solutions that we provide are widespread in many of the largest enterprises which serve as the major role in company’s operations. An end to end test process is carried out to test the stability and reliability of ERP Applications. The ERP Testing services that we provide encompass the following types of offerings:

  • Functional and Regression Testing
  • System Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Test automation using automated test tools
  • Security Testing

Game Testing

SoftLabs offers exhaustive game testing services for all types of gaming applications including PC based Games, online, video, console based games and mobiles/devices based games.

Our Testing team consists of experienced game testers who can test the game both for technical and playability aspects. They ensure that game developed is reaching to the expectations of end users. All approaches like functional, configuration, performance, usability, logic testing, User level testing, compatibility and localization testing etc. are covered. SoftLabs offers following type of Services:

  • Unit Testing
  • Localization testing
  • Beta testing
  • Regression testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Load testing
  • Soak testing

Performance Testing

Performance problems in operational IT systems and software applications are costly both in terms of business disruption and remedial work. The performance issues detected before the launch might lead to costly reworks and stressful launching. SoftLabs provides an extensive performance testing services to verify that the applications meet or exceed key performance measures. We identify the current bottlenecks, any hardware or software factors that impact the system’s performance, scalability and reliability by performing baseline, stress, load and burn tests.

Our Performance Testing service elements include:

  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Scalability and Volume Testing
  • Endurance and Soak Testing

We have expertise in carrying out performance testing services on web applications, client server applications with the use of advanced techniques, structured testing approach and industry standard automation tools. We reduce the risks of performance failure for new or enhanced applications by acting early and thereby helping our customers save on the performance fine tuning cost later in the project implementation.

Our professional performance testing services can tell you how your systems will respond under tough and varied conditions.

Security Testing

SoftLabs delivers a comprehensive solution that minimizes application failures and helps achieve business results on time with high quality.

The domain and industry focused testing services provided by SoftLabs, can ensure that your IT solutions as well as products meet growing business needs with high security, high performance and availability.

SoftLabs specializes in the following security testing services:

Web Application Security

Helps the organization protect their online presence from dangerous attacks, such as unauthorized access to personal information, user impersonation, unauthorized funds transfer and unauthorized logins

Security Code Review

Identifying insecure coding techniques and vulnerabilities in source code, improper configuration, insecure error handling and cryptography issues

Product Security

Identifying issues and malicious behavior in a product before release or deployment

Network Security

Helping organizations manage the level of risk involved with firewalls, intrusion detection systems and the network architecture

Operational Security

Identifying the gaps in technical and information security procedures and designing policies based on the applicable regulatory standards

ISTQB Certification

The course is designed for Test engineers to develop advanced skills in test analysis, design, and execution that teaches the definition and execution of the tasks required to put the test strategy into action.

By the end of the course the Advanced Test Analyst would be able to:

  • Structure the task defined in the test strategy in terms of business domain requirements
  • Analyze the system in sufficient detail to meet the user quality expectations
  • Evaluate the system requirements to determine domain validity
  • Prepare and execute the adequate activities, and report on their progress
  • Provide the necessary evidence to support evaluations
  • Implement the necessary tools and techniques to achieve the defined goals

ISTQB Advanced Test Manager

The course is so designed for Test managers that they would develop advanced skills in test estimation, test planning, test monitoring, and test control and learn to define the overall testing goals and strategy for the systems being tested.

By the end of the course the Test Manager would be able to:

  • Define the overall testing goals and strategy for the systems being tested
  • Plan, schedule and track the tasks
  • Describe and organize the necessary activities
  • Select, acquire and assign the adequate resources to the tasks
  • Select, organize and lead testing teams
  • Organize the communication between the members of the testing teams, and between the testing teams and all the other stakeholders
  • Justify the decisions and provide adequate reporting information where applicable
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