Pre Sales Analysis

What is Presales

Presales is set of activities normally carried out before a customer is acquired. Presales SPOC should be working between the delivery and engagement management. Sales person from onsite will be sending all the RFI, RFP and staff requirements to pre-sales person at offshore. These specialists support their company’s sales teams with value demonstrations and proof-of-concept developments to help close deals. Relevant roles include presales engineers, product specialists, and technical specialists.

A typical sales cycles includes following

  • Suspect
  • Prospect/Opportunity
  • Lead

Presales involvement in these phases differs from situation to situation. It is sales support. It is also about being a technical and business consultant

Why Presales

  • Increasing complexity in customer’s business requirements in terms of variety in technology, number of components or modules, security and     infrastructure needs
  • Customer delight is more than matching customer needs with a right technical solution. Customers expect vendors to partner with them in     meeting their evolving business needs
  • Bidding process is a complex and a very formal one, with strict adherence to procedures and timelines
  • Bidding process involves intelligent negotiation on price, scope of work, schedule and other contract requirements
  • Therefore is too important to be done without committed and dedicated professionals Presales in career growth
  • A great opportunity to know up close the market and the business of software, and what ‘sells’
  • Opportunity to get a systemic view of many things that makes up an organization and it’s business
  • Opportunity to get to know different cross-sections of customer and technology solutions
  • People with a technical background can add lot of value by bringing in their experience and thereby benefit from it
  • Working in presales can also be seen as a choice for shifting to management career path
  • Opportunity to learn a variety of skills including client liaison, managing cross-functional teams, leadership, consulting skills
  • In larger organizations, presales gives a very good opportunity to network with all the right people
  • Since presales is demanding on both technical and business knowledge and management skills, it’s the right place for a challenging job
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