SVP Testing

Performance problems in software applications system are costly both in terms of business disruption and remedial work. The performance issues detected before the launch might lead to costly rework and stressful launching. SoftLabs provides an extensive performance testing services to verify that the applications meet or exceed key performance measures. We identify all the bottlenecks in application software and infrastructure that impact the system’s performance. We employee various performance test techniques to evaluate performance bottlenecks such as , Load, Stress ,Scalability ,Volume and Reliability in both NLB and Non NLB environment.

Our performance testing services are designed to support the delivery of all types of performance requirements like system requirement analysis, architecture evaluation, setting up standards, performance testing based on business use cases

  • Load Testing– evaluate the capability of a system or application up to predefined goals.
  • Stress Testing– evaluate the capability of a system or application up to saturation or breaking point.
  • Volume Testing– load testing with varying volumes of system data to evaluate the impact on responsiveness and system utilization
  • Soak Testing– investigate the impact of load over long durations on responsiveness and system performance
  • Scalability Testing and Capacity Planning– evaluation of different elements of a system to determine its ability to handle changing and future needs
  • Performance Consulting– need based staff augmentation of performance testing experts
  • Performance Code Reviews / Profiling -review application for performance related issues at code level
  • System Characterization– Activities to identify specific performance characteristics of systems and hardware under test.

We have expertise in carrying out performance testing services on web based business applications and client server applications with the use of advanced techniques, structured testing approach and industry standard performance tools. We reduce the risks of performance failure for new or enhanced Applications by acting early and thereby helping our customers save on the performance fine tuning cost later in the project implementation by employing well established performance test life cycle.

Listed below are various tools we use in our projects:

Performance Testing– HP Load Runner, Rational Performance Studio, Compuware QA, JMeter, OpenSTA and other performance supporting tools like Log Analyzer, SQL Check, Perfmon, Perffile, PerfDisk , NProf and CLR

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