SOA Testing

SoftLabs offers testing services in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Cloud Computing and Virtualization environment which include Functional, Interoperability, Security, and Performance characteristics of web services (SOAP / XML). SoftLabs leverages in-depth knowledge in SOA, to address SOA challenges, security issues, and governance to help you achieve a robust system implementation the following coverages

  • WSDL Verification (Schema / XML Validation)
  • Performance Testing of applications on Cloud Environment
  • Validation of data / application migration from standalone application server to Cloud Environment
  • Testing of load balancing functionality in Cloud Environment
  • Testing Data Center Inventory Management Applications
  • Conformance (W3C and WS-I Standards) and Interoperability Testing

Value Proposition :

  • Agility, security, high availability of Data Centers
  • Ensures robust, scalable, secure, and interoperable SOA
  • Deliver systems that are more flexible at a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Achieve high Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Reusability of business components and processes
  • Speed up development of new applications that can be integrated with the existing legacy Systems
  • Achieve reduced capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expenditure (OPEX)

Competency :

SoftLabs delivers the solution through

  • SOA testing framework, SOA best practices, and deep understanding of SOA testing Challenges and business processes
  • Comprehensive SOA Test Strategy (that includes Functional, Performance, Interoperability, and Security / Penetration tests)
  • Expertise in validating SOA implementation that integrate heterogeneous systems, developed using new technologies like J2EE / .NET and the old legacy technology

Tools : SOAPUI, SOAPUI PRO, SOAPSONAR, Parasoft SOA Test, Silk Perfomer SOA edition, LISA, WS, TestMaker,HP Load Runner,HP UFT

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