Resource Agumentation

With an existing pool of dedicated domain testers, SoftLabs leverages its knowledge and expertise in various domains, sound understanding of testing processes and methodologies and proven expertise in a wide range of testing tools and technologies. We have specialized testing resources with experience of working on a variety of tools and domains for every testing activity ranging from unit testing to user acceptance testing.

Test Staff Augmentation Timely project completion is dependent on the ability to acquire and deploy the right resources with the skills required to get the job done and the ability to hit the ground running. SoftLabs has testing pool at various experience levels to supplement your own test staff. Our resource database represents a breadth of experience across many industries, applications, domains and platforms.

SoftLabs resources include:

Test Consultants

Having more than 10 years of experience in software designing, development, testing, and implementation with an emphasis on software testing. They are highly skilled professionals with the ability to plan and execute significant software test projects with an appropriate and pragmatic view toward quality, risk, cost-effectiveness, writing proposal with customer centric.

Senior Testing Specialists

Having 5 to 10 years experience in test planning, test strategy development, estimations, managing multi-system / multi-platform, test execution, functional testing, tool evaluation, defining frameworks, use of automated testing tools for the both functional and performance testing . These senior specialists are capable of facilitating test architecture definition, analyzing risks, defining test data, and organizing and leading your test resources. They are equally capable of defining, implementing, and controlling test environments, including problem and change management activities and customer centric

Testing Specialists

Having 3 to 5 years experience in functional testing, application functional analysis, test cases writing, test case execution and documentation of results, and use of automations and performance test tools. These personnel can be immediately productive as test team members, working with your staff and/or other contract staff.

Other technical specialists with management skills may also be available to supplement your technical staff to fulfill current and future resource requirements

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