Automated Testing

Many organizations often find regression test efforts too repetitive and too long to be accommodated in short test windows while upgrading software and implementing changes in an application. These challenges can be addressed by deploying well-designed automated regression test suites that uses the right set of automation tools and frameworks

Test automation provides you with the following benefits:

  • Significant reduction in time taken per testing iteration
  • Savings in manpower & associated costs, owing to reduced manual testing efforts (potentially up to 70%)
  • Improved regression test coverage within short time frame
  • Radical improvement in consistency and uniformity of the testing process
  • Easy modification of reusable components; once created and benchmarked,
  • Our automation suite is flexible, repeatable, and stable for any framework architecture.

We build and automate regression test suites for testing enhancements. Our testing suites ensure that any change in code does not change the existing functionality of the software. Our regression test suites help you to reduce overall maintenance testing costs and timelines.

Listed below are various tools we use in our projects :

Test Automation – Rational Robot, Win Runner, HP UFT (Previously known as QTP), Customer Proprietary and Open source Tools, Selenium

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