Test Process Consulting

Test Process Consulting (TPC) is designed to improve the client existing system to optimize IT and Quality Management. TPC focuses on improving the current processes through Quality Management consultants having domain expertise in multiple industries. These consultants facilitate the use of best practices to integrate with various business processes quickly, in order to satisfy and adapt to customer demands. The focus will be on achieving the highest quality through planning, Test process improvement, Quality Assurance Process (Verification) and Quality Control Process (Validation).

Key TPC benefits:

  • Optimize IT and Quality Management
  • Focus on Quality Management and Quality Assurance combined with deep expertise in the software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Better understanding of QA processes through experienced consultants with domain knowledge in multiple verticals / industries SoftLabs implement Test Process Consulting by breaking the process into discrete phases.
    The following are the three different phases for implementation of TPC.
  • Test Process Reviews
  • Test Process Compliance
  • Test Process Improvement
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