Resource Management

Permanent Staffing

As the economy becomes more volatile, the only certainty is uncertainty. As lot of our clients have expressed interest in hiring permanent employees we have made a separate division for permanent placements. We go through an in-depth understanding of client’s job requirements, and then match that requirement with the skills of a candidate. We spend as much time as required in understanding each position before we begin our candidate search. We treat each search like process and not as an event, expanding the candidate pool and providing greater selection to clients. We have an extensive database of candidates that we use to do search in Direct Hire Placements. We just don’t rely on job boards or external sources but we do lot of passive recruiting when it comes to critical search for our clients. Every candidate hired by our client has to go through a rigorous background check for which we have hired dedicated agencies that specialise in it.

Contract to Hire Staffing

SoftLabs Contract-to-Hire program enables our clients to fill a full-time position after an on-the-job performance evaluation. Contract-to-Hire services benefit both a client and the temporary employee who is seeking long-term employment. The process for candidate interviews, screening and recruitment is similar to that for a temporary employee, however the candidate will have different long-term goals and interest and involvement in the company.

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