BA Consulting Services

SoftLabs can help you more effectively plan, manage, and implement customer centric business and technology solutions. Business Analysis (BA) is more than a system related function and in order to deploy best practices in this area an organizational perspective is imperative. SoftLabs has compiled a suite of consulting and training solutions that solve the challenges organization’s face when developing their BA processes and skill sets.

SoftLabs consultants are executive level practitioners with cross-industry and Government experience. Our SoftLabs are assembled based on industry and client specific variables allowing us the ability to service clients with the highest quality and value through a multitier customized approach to solutions design and implementation.

SoftLabs leverages a proprietary best practice implementation methodology to ensure that solutions render cost control, service and efficiency. All SoftLabs solutions are designed within a best practice approach producing repeatable and sustainable results.

Business Analysis (BA) has become a practice important to the success of any organization. SoftLabs has worked with client organizations as they adopt this concept and helped them to successfully integrate Business Analysis into their organizations. Our senior consultants are experts at implementing Business Analysis Best Practice as well as providing support for other BA initiatives.

Requirement Gathering

In order for technology projects to succeed, a direct correlation between the end user and development team needs to exist. There are often barriers that preclude this relationship from developing and working efficiently. SOFTLABS takes into consideration the process and human factors that impact the collection and dissemination of requirements and helps organizations build best practices to ensure the link between, business needs, technology requirements and tangible functionality is achieved.

Business Process Modeling

Today, especially in the context of sound requirements development, capturing business process is a key practice for understanding various lines of business and their interdependencies, improve their existing processes, and in most cases, automate them. Government regulations also now require that business processes be properly documented. These are just a few of many drivers that are making companies take a closer and informed look at their business processes. For 20+ years, SOFTLABS senior business analysis consultants have assisted local, regional, and global organizations in developing sound process modeling practices and improving their overall requirements development process.

  • Requirements Process Improvement
  • Developing Use Cases

Writing and Managing Requirements

As sound business and technical requirements come from a widely diverse group of stakeholders and users, efficient and effective requirements management requires structured approaches (traditional and agile focused) for the capture, organization and management of requirements throughout the project life cycle. SOFTLABS senior business analysis consultants assist organizations to understand and implement scaled and customized requirements management approaches across enterprise and project levels.

Business Analysis implementation

Much like the early days of Project Management, Business Analysis is fast becoming a fully integrated execution strategy. Organizations that are succeeding with BA best practices recognize and measure that success through fewer projects over run, higher end user satisfaction and ultimately more realized value. SOFTLABS can help implement an enterprise BA initiative because we have the unique cross competencies to leverage both the technical expertise and organizational attributes required to formulate a true organizationally driven BA solution.

Agile Methodologies

Organizations promoting the combination of Business Analysis and Project Management roles are discovering that various PM and BA methods can be complimentary and others contradictory. With Agile methods becoming more predominate in organizations, SOFTLABS has developed best practices to accommodate cross over between the BA and PM Lifecycles.

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