Work Environment At SoftLabs, the work environment enables us to work together with people and draw from experience around the world. The colleagues here come from a wide range of cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds, creating a dynamic and diverse professional work environment. Our work environment not only enables you to work with vibrant people, but also enables you to keep a healthy work/life balance. At SoftLabs we are also serious about fun! There is an every chance and as well great opportunities to meet new people and make good friends. The organizational encouragement enables you to enhance your interests and share them with others.

Team Work At SoftLabs, you work with a magnificently rich blend of people from diverse cultural and employment backgrounds with an array of expertise and aptitude. Surrounded by smart, resourceful people, you will notice the positive atmosphere. SoftLabs is an open organization that encourages the exchange of ideas. As part of our global network, you will enjoy sharing information and exchanging knowledge with your colleagues and/or sharing interests with them outside work through the networks that exist to bring like-minded people together. Whether your team operates on a client, country or global level, you will find colleagues who share your ambitions and achievements. Very often, your work mates turn into life-long friends.

Work Place SoftLabs offers a very wide range of high-tech facilities. The surroundings are contemporary and secure, creating a work environment that is open and inviting. In addition, all of our people enjoy ergonomic seating and workspace.

Rewards & Recognition SoftLabs endeavors to provide gratifying opportunities to all its employees. Part of the reward is doing top-quality, motivating and challenging work. Part of it is the opportunity to grow and develop as a professional. In addition, we pay competitive market rates based on your skills and level of responsibility. Yearly we conduct a market benchmarking study to understand trends and also look at global strategies to design a suitable Rewards strategy. Our Rewards strategy is highly competitive and enables us to attract, retain and motivate highly skilled people, providing a framework to design, administer and evaluate effective rewards programs. Rewards and recognition constitute an important part of life at SoftLabs. We believe in rewarding merit and recognizing extra effort?a strong reflection of our core value-based culture. Our rewards and recognition program has been specifically designed to help make sure that we recognize success in the areas that are important for our business.

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